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Even more, you can use it on most college entrance exams including the SATs, ACTs and AP tests. The design on this graphing calculator helps it stand out from other models as it features a large color display, an adequate keypad and a thin design. The buttons and functions on this product are more streamlined than similar devices, making it easy to find the features and capabilities you need. It provides an icon-based menu system and many users say this is one of the easiest graphing calculators they have used. This graphing calculator is an excellent option to perform basic calculations as well as advanced functions.

  • Second, to this, the calculator has also been fitted with the markup feature that aids in computing the profit margins, which makes it a great selection for your business.
  • The heavy-duty calculator prints at a high speed of 5 lines per seconds making it great for busy businesses.
  • The 12-digit calculator is widely applicable since it can be used by financial professionals and accountants.
  • What is more, the unit has a lightweight of 20lbs and compact design to carry with you when to any place needed.

It features a large, backlit color display and rechargeable batteries so you’ll never worry about replacing batteries in the middle of an exam. Whether in a beginning math class or as a professional scientist, a graphing calculator can help you solve equations and plot graphs quickly. Each product is built for varying courses and has limitations on the amount and type of functions it can complete. For each product, we list its specifications, key features and other considerations. If you need more information on key features, things to avoid and how much you can expect to spend on this type of device, check out our buying guide.

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Whether using this type of device in college or as a professional, it typically offers more than 100 hours of battery life and plenty of memory, giving you space to store Yahoo Messenger your most used equations and plenty of notes. Some products provide large, color display screens, which help you analyze all aspects of your graph and equations. The Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus CE has the capabilities to handle most high school math classes. It is an extremely popular calculator and used by many U.S. high school math teachers, making it easy to find one-on-one help and guidance with the device if needed.


For example, with the CFP exam, you cannot use scientific graphing calculators. (These models often also can perform financial calculations.) Instead, you must use a financial calculator. However, the CFP exam rules don’t specify an exact model you must use. If you’ve used a scientific calculator in the past, a financial calculator will look familiar to you.

This enables you to see the numbers you inputted and the solution on the screen at the same time. Whether you work in the field of biology, chemistry or even physics, the best graphing calculator for science provides hundreds of functions to help you solve scientific equations with ease.

Both types of calculators are handheld devices that fit in the palm of your hand. They have small keys that are marked with the functions they provide.