The Longer Walk Residence Breaking the Chains of Predatory Lending

The Longer Walk Residence Breaking the Chains of Predatory Lending

Lisa McDaniel had been tired, dog tired. It had been almost 2 a.m. and she had been clearing up after her change as a cook at Frank’s Put, a bar and restaurant near downtown Southern Bend.

She dried the frying that is last carefully. She might have hurried to complete — nevertheless the long stroll house loomed once more. The trek would just simply just take a full hour . 5. McDaniel was indeed hoofing it forward and backward to Mishawaka for over a 12 months.

She had been sick and tired of walking in the exact middle of the evening. She’d been mugged twice. She’d gotten frostbite inside her legs from trudging through the snow year that is last. Winter had been coming once again.

Tired, but there is no body to provide her a ride. No buses operating this belated. No cash to get a vehicle.

Then final September, McDaniel discovered from a social worker that a band of pupils during the University of Notre Dame were providing tiny loans for individuals in need. She’d constantly avoided payday loan providers and other people that victim regarding the bad, but she didn’t like banking institutions either.

“I’d never ever been expected any such thing like this. I became leaping down and up, therefore excited that someone ended up being ready to provide me personally enough time of time.” Lisa McDaniel, JIFFI customer

“When you head into a bank, you’re currently down,” she claims. “You’re wanting to fare better, however they cause you to feel like you’re perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps not the type that is right of become here.”

“The pupils weren’t like this. They asked how much I’d be comfortable paying and how often after they went through my finances. I’d never ever been expected anything like this. I became leaping along, therefore excited that someone had been prepared to offer me personally the full time of time.”

McDaniel borrowed $450 and bought an utilized 1997 Saturn. Continue reading “The Longer Walk Residence Breaking the Chains of Predatory Lending”