11 films which will turn you into afraid of your phone

11 films which will turn you into afraid of your phone

Choose up that ‘wrong’ number…and you can perish!

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Technology can be terrifying. Think of it—before smartphones, you might fade away through the global globe and get un-contact-able by everyone else you knew simply by walking out your entry way. Nevertheless now you’ve got a tracking unit in your pocket which you actually cannot live without. Scary.

Phones have constantly played a big component in horror films, because there’s nothing creepier than a stranger’s disembodied vocals crackling over a landline (although now that we now have smart phones and caller ID, horror movies have experienced to obtain a bit more imaginative). Honoring Halloween, listed here are 11 films that may allow you to be think hard about picking right on up that caller that is unknown.

Halloween (1978)

Although Halloween does not revolve around telephone calls, phones perform a big component in the storyline. At one point, a woman is murdered by Michael Myers him up) after she receives a phone call from romancetale app her boyfriend (asking her to pick. In another scene, Myers strangles a girl with a phone cable . Keep in mind just how phones used to possess cords?

When a Stranger phone calls (1979, remade in 2006)

This classic mental thriller is exactly about creepy telephone calls: a babysitter receives late-night telephone calls from a complete stranger, whom asks her concerning the resting kids she’s viewing. Continue reading “11 films which will turn you into afraid of your phone”